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Maidsafe’s safecoin crowd sale sells out in five hours

This article assumes you already know what Maidsafe, the SAFE network and safecoin are. If that’s not the case, read this.

Wow. Those MaidSafeCoins (safecoins) got snapped up like fresh cheese rolls.

now that's saying something

now that’s saying something

I have the feeling that was something substantial. It begs the question, did I just put my money into an incredibly under-priced crowd sale, or did I put my money into an incredibly over-hyped crowd sale?

Before you get my biased opinion on that question, let’s cover some stuff, unfortunately it’s not all laughter and lollipops. Continue reading

Maidsafe, the SAFE Network and safecoin explained

Maidsafe's safecoin crowd sale sold out in only 5 hours! Read about it here.

Maidsafe is a company that is developing the SAFE network which is a proposed peer to peer storage and communication platform that could completely change how we use the internet.

Bold claim, broad scope. Maidsafe appear not to deal with timidity.

I hear you ask, ‘but what’s wrong with the features of our current Internet? I can buy stuff, build stuff, share stuff and pleasure myself using it. I can’t imagine it being much better.’

I see where you’re coming from, and I must say, compared to what existed before the internet (very little?), it seems trivial to try and improve a technology that has made arguably the greatest contribution to the freedom and wealth of individuals on this planet.

Then Maidsafe struts in and proposes that it is designing the next logical internet iteration, suggesting our current product is far from its potential.

What’s the investment relevance? If you bear with me, I’ll build you up to it. Continue reading

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