Is this real life?

I have to get some words down as there’s no point identifying madness after the fact.

I truly cannot get my head around it. All I can say is that I’m profoundly grateful to be witness to it. Here’s where we’re at:

  • Dr Craig Wright (CSW) is suing a number of key influencers in the blockchain space for libelling him.
  • As a result of CSW taking legal action there was an immense show of solidarity on social media in opposition. This show of solidarity culminated in many exchanges delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Let me take this back to first principles, the bedrock upon which decisions are being made en masse:

Anyone who is involved in the blockchain space and is not a BSV supporter despises CSW.

Here is why they despise CSW:

  1. CSW has claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. These people believe his claim to be fraudulent.
    1. CSW is almost certainly Satoshi. If you haven’t come to this conclusion, I suggest you read this.
  2. CSW is suing those who have allegedly libelled him. These people believe there has been no false statement made and therefore CSW has not been the victim of defamation.
    1. CSW initiated these law suits, he is prepared to provide evidence in court to attest to the fact he is Satoshi. This would be indicative of a high level of confidence, no?
  3. CSW is filing (and has been granted) a number of blockchain patents. Most of these people have a distaste for patents.
    1. You need to grow up and see the world as it is. Patents exist whether or not you like them. Know the rules, play the game.
  4. CSW is an all-round ill-tempered fellow. Most of these people think this is relevant in the decision-making process.
    1. It’s not. Use your brain.

There are some huge bets being made by individuals on both sides of points 1 through 4 above. The stakes are high, much higher than you probably think.

You all know who you are. You’ve been invited to play chess. You’ve chosen to play soggy biscuit. You need to understand the winner will be determined by chess performance, not biscuiting prowess.

I’m worried for you. Truly. Here’s what you need to do:

Find a piece of leather to bite down on because I think you are about to get bent over.

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